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(PSDCS2) Avatar Tutorial #002

Another Avatar Tutorial by Kindlier Princess. Using the Grand Chase Character “Amy”, I did the best fit rendering to this.

But wait, there’s more…


(PSDCS2) Avatar Tutorial #001

Okay, let’s start making AVATARS!!! First test, I used the Magic Knight Rayearth Character “Fuu” and also called as “Animuni” to my first and header tutorials. The original image is too dark so let us put some rendering to make it brighter 😀

But wait, there’s more…

Dragon Nest Sea CBT Released!

Come and Let’s play Dragon Nest Sea! I ensure that you will enjoy playing that game. At this time, my level is too low at the moment. Maybe I will try level it up later. Time for a rest 😀 Oyasumi nasai ~

Creative Coffee Beans x Spring Masterpiece

Creative Coffee Beans is a blog by Ruel Andrew Pena, an IT Student. He told me that he wants to share all of his knowledge in Photoshop and all about in virtual world.  And also, Creative Coffee Beans is one of the partner of Spring Masterpiece.

Spring Materpiece is the CM’s owned Artwork Gallery. This is an online gallery for sharing, entertainment and exposing my artworks.  And here, I will also share our Friendship story entitled “Fairy Knights: The Chosen”, the adventure of the four princesses together with their knights and guardians.

These two site are the Mother Branch of Commentarios Meos. Enjoy browsing guys.

The Unlucky Day

ohh.. It seems that this day is my unlucky day. I don’t even got a time in making an avatar and signature tutorials. I’m also not in the mood to draw. And the worst was, my Celestia Luna Account has been hacked by someone. I do not know why and how they hacked me even I play CL at home. 😦

My senses said that I need to login my account and create an another to pass all the items, equips to the new account and that’s it, my CL Client is closed and once I tried to login, “ID and PASSWORD is incorrect” it said. They are so evil!

Welcome to the World of Blogs!

It’s about time for me to go on a blog. Umm.. how can I start doing things up in here? Well, I will start sharing some Photoshop Tutorials of Avatars, Signatures, and Wallpapers. I will also share some Paint Tool SAI drawing and coloring tutorials.

Ohh and another thing, I will also share some of my adventurous event in my life that gives you a little lesson. When should we start?? well, watch out for it.

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